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Is it possible to create a links to friends page where the thumbnail of their business and the contact number and email can be displayed? Weirdly when i try to add images the first one goes to the very top of the page and appears to be outside the text box area. Its really annoying me now as all i have at the min is the details laid out without pics. I want to add the thumbnails and link them to the relevant websites.


You can do this. That’s easy. Set in RW a link on the image/thumbnail to the website of your friend’s website. Do not forget to set the link in RW with http://----

But I’m not quite sure what you exactly want.
Do you want link to a specific location on the website of your friend?
Then your friend must set a “target_anchor” in his page

<a href="">Link to an anchor on another website. Instead of text you can use an image here</a>

<a name="target_anchor1">Target Anchor</a>

Hi, thanks for the reply. I currently have a links to friends section on our site (see attacked image captured off my phone).

However next to each company’s details I would like their logo. Every time I add one tho it jumps right to the top of the page. When I’m home later I will do if and post an image of what’s happening. I just can’t figure it out.

Many thanks

Added one image and this is what i get

This is how it looks in edit mode

and this is what i get in preview (in next post)

Be very grateful if anyone can solve this one for me



I have seen, that is a bug in the Affero Theme.

I have the same bug, when I use pictures in the content. The first pictures is outside the content. Strange.
A very special solution is, to insert a small image, set to 1% (0% don’t work).
Then, the other pictures are right !!
But you have a little white point above the content.

I propose to use another them !

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Please elaborate on what you mean when you say 1% as I’m fairly new to this.


Put a picture into your site right at the top in the content. Then double click the image. Now you can change 100% to 1% and the solution is here :wink:

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Thanks! I’ll try it shortly :slight_smile:

Your a genius!! Thank you!!! :grinning::grinning:


… my pleasure, when it’s ok for you :grinning:
A very strange bug, but with this “bug”, you can very easily insert a header image, always in the right size !!