Pagination from 1 url page to another with bottom page number

Hello everyone,

  1. Is there an add-on similarly like this domain example? (under the header “Another format result data”)

  1. How I like it to implement to my site?

Pagination from 1 url page to another url page, with bottom page number moving in order 1,2,3,4 etc. I am looking at more than 20 pages url, thus the bottom pagination number must be able to accommodate.

Thanks in advance!

The Pagination stack included in Foundry is the only thing I can think of.

To be clear, my understanding is that this will only work if you use the Foundry framework - which is very good, by the way.

Thank you.

Yes, this is very similar to what I am looking for but not in Foundry framework. This Pagination is within the url.

I am looking for Pagination number moving concurrent with url. A good example will be google Pagination - clicking the NEXT, the url changes too


This is the screen capture of the style I am looking for. The middle numbers (…) disappears once the Pagination number moves

11%20PM .

** Reason why I need Pagination to move concurrent with url is I do not want many stacks loading in a single page and also using the Pagination number for user to refer back if needed.

Understood. Which kind of stacks or content do you want to display there?


  1. 5 columns by 6 rows of images (medium size) with 1 image in 1 Image stack.
  2. Below each image stack about 15 words in each Text stack.
  3. Each Image stack to be linked to another page.
  4. All the stacks will be shuttled using 1LD stack -
  5. Using Pagination selection in numbers moving left or right, concurrent with internal urls address.

Example -

  • 1st page 30 image stacks, click Pagination next button,
  • 2nd page 30 image stacks displayed, click Pagination next button,
  • 3rd page 30 image stacks displayed. There should also be back and forth button.
  • Total about 20 pages and 20 internal urls

Well, this will not 100% fit your needs, still worthwhile to mention.

Poster Stack has the ability to paginate through content.

See demo here:

Where as here is currently no possibility to display the numbers as click-able links as you have described it. I took a note to implement that maybe in Poster Stack, too.

Yes, it’s a worthwhile mention and I did consider before. Anyway this stack is in my RW8 library.

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