Looking for pagination with image navs (solved)


I’m looking for a pagination/carousel stack where each of the nav items can be thumbnails. Does such a thing exist as an add-on?

Thanks in advance.

Any examples of sites that do this? Sorry not entirely sure what you’re after so an example would help

Good point. Picture = 1000 words…

If you go to https://www.allmusic.com/album/songs-for-young-lovers-mw0000851214 and look at the “Discography Browser” section around the top left of the page, you’ll see a row of album covers. Each album cover is clickable and clicking on one sets the content of the pane above it. I’m looking for something that does a smoother transition, like most of the sliders you can see in Foundry, Foundation, etc.

If it helps, I’m working in Foundry, but most third-party stacks seem to work within Foundry.

Try this: http://www.weavium.com/stacks/slidetastic

Thanks for pointing this out. In the meantime, I found what I was looking for: MovingBox https://www.weavers.space/stacks/movingbox.

Thanks again.

That works Joe’s stuff is cool

Let’s see

Joe Workman/Weaver’s Space has Moving Box which can have two slide carousels in sync (like Apple’s App Store)

Weavium has a few that look like they could do the job too
Section X
Possilbly their new Unlimitab stack

Have a look and see what suits best

Thanks, @pmjd. I think I’ve settled on MovingBox, but I’ll check the Weavium stuff out too.


No worries, I fell asleep between writing the post and sending it, didn’t realise that things had moved on lol

I do appreciate hearing about new stuff, though – I hadn’t really looked at Weavium stacks before, and it does look like Section X will do what I want. But between the recommendations I got from you and @joemart1951, I have some cool stuff to look at (which is what I’ll be doing for a while, even though I should be finishing the pages I’m working on :grin: )

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