Help customizing one aspect of Poster 2 stack (I probably need an expert weaver)

EDIT: Jannis fixed the back buttons! Thanks Jannis! Now it’s just the next/previous page buttons/links.

I’ve got two poster 2 blogs on my new photography website. I have 1 problem with the next/previous links/buttons in the stack and where they take viewers that I’m hoping someone can customize and fix.

note: I’ve got quite a bit of text stacks above my Poster 2 blogs, all inside a show/hide stack so they don’t show in detail mode of a poster 2 post.

The “previous page” and “next page” buttons/links take the viewer to the top of the page where all my text stacks are despite the fact that I have them all in a hide/show stack.

I would like the “next page” and “previous page” buttons to take viewers to the top of the blog on that Poster 2 page, not the top of the page where all my text stacks are, with the blog page way down below requiring a lot of scrolling.

I expect to pay for your time/work of course.

The above didn’t work out because they wanted to do the customizations to a live website, not to my project file. The site isn’t live yet because it’s not finished.

So I’m still looking for some help with this! Come on weavers!

As said, the next page / prev page change is on the todo list. No ETA.

And for the back button I might be able to give you a JavaScript.

That would be great! That would take care of half the problem!

I unfortunately can’t wait for no ETA, this is the last thing I need for the site to be finished and I need it up because of some upcoming publicity. I’m hoping if you can do it, someone else here must be able to as well.

Someone helping me with the site tried this code for the back button but it didn’t work. Anyone have any ideas how to change it or do something different to make it work?

"in one of your posts called “Adjusting Expectations”, I added an HTML stack at the top and put in this code:

<div id="adjusting-expectations">&nbsp;</div>

That makes a unique anchor for the blog article.

Then at the bottom of the Main Content, I put in another HTML stack and added this Javascript code I wrote:

    document.write('<a href="' + document.referrer + '#adjusting-expectations">Go Back</a>');

That Javascript works to create a new link, that will send the user back to the previous page they were viewing (document referrer) and appends an anchor onto the link (#adjusting-expectations).

Whenever you use this “template” to write a blog article, you must always remember to change the #adjusting-expectations anchor"

Jannis sent me some Javascript that fixed the back button issue.

And Will Woodgate figured out some code to fix the prev/next page button problem

So both of those are solved!

There’s one more small thing I would like to modify if possible.

In the blog archives that are automatically generated, the tags show up all back to back with no line breaks between them. It make it very hard to read and figure out what the tags are. I’d like to add a line break between each tag, so each tag is on a new line. just one line break, not multiple.

Is there any way to do this? I’m happy to pay for your time.

Here are some screenshots. I have the blog archives in a toggle offcanvas that slides in from the right when you click a link on the page, which works very nice because it saves space on the page and no sidebar.

Here is the code for the blog archive. I’ll copy paste it here too

<div id="myExtraContent3">

Blog Archives
<div class="poster-archive-tags"></div>Index
<div class="poster-index"></div>
Year / Month
<div class="poster-archive-date-month"></div>


And her’s what it looks like

thank you!

Did you try to change the archive style? There is a setting therefore.

I ran into a couple more problems I’m hoping would be easy fixes for you. And probably good to add to your next update.

1). In the blog archives index, it only shows blog entries from the current page, so my blog archives are pretty incomplete. I’d like to have it show a list of all my blog entries from every page. It’s too confusing for viewers to have to click on blog archives again for every page. The point is for someone to be able to browse my whole archives,

2). I’ve also realized that there’s no way to get out of the “filter” applied to the blog when you click on a specific tag. There’s no “show all blog entries” link. Is this something you could add at the end of the list of tags?



Tag 1
Tag 2
Tag 3
Show All Blog Entries

Thanks Jannis,
And I’d like to pay you for this as well as your previous help.


On the todo list.


Just add a button navigating back to the page itself, without URL parameter.

Thanks for the help Jannis.

I now have a problem that isn’t a customization but a problem that falls under normal issues with the blog stack.

I’ve finally published my website, and the published site shows all blog entries in list view, but when I click on any of the blog entries to see the detail view, I get a 404 error.

Will Woodgate had a look for me and said this:

"Your blog links seem to be attempting to redirect to new pages, rather than query strings. For example, this link for the first article:

Whereas it should be a query string:

The second link is there and works, but the link from list view doesn’t go there, it goes to the first link.

Do you know why it’s doing this and how I can fix it?

Thank you!

Add the required htaccess rules: