Paperless and Google Analytics

(Kenneth Wilkinson) #1

Hi all,

I’m using Stacks4stacks Paperless to host files to download from my website. It’s an amazing stack by the way!

I’ve got Google Analytics installed, and I can see all the usual data, visitors, country etc.
I’ve selected the Google Analytics option in the stack, and the instructions say the number of downloads should appear in EVENTS in my analytics account.

So far nothing has happened, and I know people are downloading…

Anyone know how it’s supposed to work?

(Doug Bennett) #2

How is it installed, Universal Analytics? Older installations methods of Analytics like ga.js aren’t supported. Also has it been at least a few days since you installed? Can take a few days for stats to show up. Google tries to ignore your own activities so make sure someone else is downloading.

(Kenneth Wilkinson) #3

Thanks, I better check what I’ve done.
I went to google analytics about two months ago and copied the code.
Never heard of Universal Ana;yrics. I’ll look it up.

Thanks again

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