Paragraph pro css to change font size

This is update to previous question so I may be repeating myself but I am using paragraph pro stack in theme Lunar by elixir graphics and the default font Veranda is 12px but I really would like 16px. The stack has two locations for CSS. One is under HTML section and the second is under Paragraph Pro - Advanced. I looked on the vendors web site and the duck blog but I cannot find any reference on how to use this function or if this will help me accomplish what I want to perform.

Can you not use Paragraph Pro’s responsive sizing controls?

I have replied to the support ticket about this. (Lunar uses 16px any way).

Can we please try and use a single channel of communications for simplicity - thanks.

I have entered text in several paragraph pro stacks with Lunar theme and when I view source it always indicated font size 12px so not sure where my Lunar theme differs from your desktop. I have even copied the text out to pages and it is 12px then select all text and paste into text editor convert to plain text no formatting and then back into the stack select Verdana (sorry for misspelled font on past post) and when I view source font size is 12px. I will look at support ticket sorry for the dual posts

Have you pasted this text from somewhere else and in so doing pasted formatting information with it?

Cut the text, and re-paste it using cmd-option-v or Edit Menu > Paste as plain text.

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