Resizing fonts in the FUTURE Theme

Can someone tell me how to enlarge the fonts in this theme? I am a new user, and the fonts appear too small to read on my Mac, so need a 25% increase in size or so. Please help!

If there’s not a settings in the master styles, then it would require some custom CSS.
It’s always best practice if you want help with custom CSS to provide a URL to at least a test page and details on exactly what you want larger. Headings, body etc.

Font Pro allows you to customize fonts and font styles in themes. Just in case CSS isn’t your thing.

Font Pro does require stacks. Since you’re a new user you may not have that plugin yet. Stacks is probably the first (and best) addon you can purchase.

I just assume everyone has Stacks. If you don’t have that… no brained! I know what you need…

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