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Hi everyone. I need help to figure out which stack or if any other addon to use to make a section of site to have a static image backgound like this section in this site where it says " why choose our flooring services".

I’m using RW 8.3 engineere theme and stacks 3.6.8

Many thanks

The effect I think you are talking about is called a ”Parallax” scrolling effect. The reason I said “I think” is I bet on the example you gave above, It uses CSS to create this effect. I’m on an iPad right now and most mobile devices Don’t support CSS background-attachment: fixed.

There’s a number of JavaScript alternative ways for the Parallax effect that work on mobile as well. Most also give more options for the effect like direction and scale.

Take a look at @habitualshaker’s Parallaxer stack.

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Eternity 2 is one of my favorites.

I believe Eternity 2 uses the CSS fixed background method for Parallax effect. Looks great on desktop, but isn’t supported on mobile.

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