Parallel red lines in front of url

(Benita Epstein) #1

Parallel red lines appear before my url. How do I get rid of them and what are they?
Safari browser.


(Jason Bostick) #2

Do you have a URL to share?

(Benita Epstein) #3 I see it on Safari and Firefox.

Rapidweaver 5, Mac OS 10.8.5

(Jason Bostick) #4

That is spot where your webclip favicon goes. If you look in your project settings (where you have site title, slogan, URL, etc) there’s a spot to drop in a favicon and webclip icon. I’m assuming something is there that you could replace with a logo or something

Or if not a webclip favicon, maybe you have some characters in front of your site title or browser title

(David) #5

Some hosting services have a default favicon that shows if you don’t have your own favicon.

(Benita Epstein) #6

Thank you jobostick and thang. I’ll check those things out. The lines did show up all the sudden.

(Benita Epstein) #7

Thank you, David. My server did remove that favicon!