Firefox shows strange "OBJ" graphic next to a photo

I’ve just completed my first site using RapidWeaver 7.0.4 and the “Split” theme. I’ve got a MacBook Pro with 16 Gb of RAM and I’m running El Capitan. Everything looks and works great, but I’ve come across a strange problem that only happens in Firefox. Next to a photo on the Home page, there’s a very small box that says “OBJ” in it. The box has a dashed line border, if that means anything. I’m using Firefox 47.0.1.

I’ve cleared the cache, history and cookies in Firefox, quit and then opened the page again using the URL that I pasted in, not a bookmark. There was no change. This happens when viewing the files on the web after they’re published, but the same thing happens using RapidWeaver’s built-in “Preview Page in…” menu item to see the file in Firefox. In RapidWeaver’s Preview mode, it doesn’t appear. In Safari 9.1.1, Safari for iOS 9.3.2 and Chrome 51.0.2704.84; everything is fine and it doesn’t appear there, either.

Ideas? I couldn’t find a previous posting about anything like this.

Had this happen to me a few times. Usually the problem can be resolved by placing your cursor next to where the box is and then use either the forward arrow key of the backward arrow key to see where the mystery ‘space’ is that’s causing the problem and then hit the delete key. It was easieir in my case as it always seemd to be next to a line of text.

In your case put the cursor the other side of the image to the “obj” box and back key to the other side of the image and then use the back delete key.

I opened the file in Dreamweaver and deleted the space between two tags. That got rid of it. It’s still a weird thing to happen.

Yup, but at least you now know the fix!

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Larry, Thanks for your post and the hint Graham. That made my day. I have the same problem (also using the Split theme :wink: ) and could therefore further investigate it. The bad character seems to be actually 4 bytes long and inserts itself apparently just between a closing anchor and an opening image <img…>. Unfortunately it is non-printing in the RW editor as well and therefore hard to detect (it takes up no space). But once you have found it you can delete it using the delete key within RW which is a bit more convenient than opening another editor.

Glad it helped you too Frank. It would be good to know why this little problem arises.