Index appearing before website

The index appears before the actual page. But not on all browsers.Can anyone advise why and how to correct.
I would be most grateful for any

) help

I suspect that you are seeing this but not others. It’s likely a cache issue. Clear your cache on that browser and see what happens. (What is showing I believe is the navigation bar without the css being applied yet.)

But just noticed:
The “) help” just above the Kellogg College looks out of place and troublesome though! Perhaps something is odd with one of your navigation Page titles or such?

If you provide the URL other can help.

EDIT: See new post below.

Thank you, your quick response is much appreciated. The site now displays OK in Chrome and Firefox but not Safari.

I have cleared cache memory and will do it again in Dafari.

I’ll also look at the menu,

Thanks again


i would recommend choosing Re-Publish All Pages from the file menu. this is significantly different than just choosing Publish. it will re-synchronize RapidWeaver with your site and ensure that every part of your site has been published.

if that doesn’t solve the problem, then i’d recommend posting some details about the project, the site (especially a URL to the site) and the computer you’re using. the more details you post the more detailed the response will be and the more help we’ll be able to give you. :smiley:

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Isaiah’s suggestion is a good one.

I just looked at your original post again and I now realize the “) Help” I mentioned as “out of place” is actually part of your post text and the picture was simply dropped in at that point. So I’m back to perhaps a cache issue in Safari since you say Chrome and Firefox are OK.

Again, if you provide a URL we can tell right away.

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