Parse error on preview

I’m using Rapidweaver 8 on a 12 yr old Mac running Mojave. I’m having a problem right now with preview. On this one site I’m working on (it’s been up for years, but I’m making some changes), I’m having preview issues. The site uses Stacks and TotalCMS. I often go months without even opening RW, as I don’t need to do anything to the few sites I have up. It seems like every time I do, there’s some new issue that pops up out of nowhere.
Here’s the error I’m getting this time:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘string’ (T_STRING), expecting function (T_FUNCTION) or const (T_CONST) in /private/var/folders/tk/h6fkzyyn1ld_6k41mf4w0gmh0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/578/document-0x7fec55ec8f30/RWDocumentPagePreview/rw_common/plugins/stacks/total-cms/vendor/michelf/php-markdown/Michelf/MarkdownExtra.php on line 23

strong text> Upgrading to PHP 8.2 with RapidWeaver 8

If you’re using RapidWeaver 8 and have found that PHP 7.4 is impeding your workflow because your site requires PHP 8.2, you have a couple of options to consider. Let’s explore how to manage this situation effectively, whether you’re previewing your site locally or need a solution that includes PHP 8.2 directly.

Why Upgrade to PHP 8.2?
PHP 8.2 comes with numerous improvements over PHP 7.4, including enhanced performance, security features, and new language syntaxes. For those running websites that require the latest features and security updates, staying up-to-date with the latest PHP version is crucial.

Option 1: Using MAMP for Local Preview

One of the simplest ways to ensure you can preview your site using PHP 8.2 with RapidWeaver 8 is by using MAMP. MAMP allows you to run a local server environment on your Mac, where you can specify the PHP version.

Steps to Set Up MAMP with PHP 8.2

  1. Download and Install MAMP:

    • Visit the MAMP website and download the latest version of MAMP.
    • Follow the installation instructions to get MAMP up and running on your machine.
  2. Configure PHP 8.2 in MAMP:

    • Open MAMP and go to Preferences.
    • In the PHP tab, select PHP 8.2 from the list of available versions.
    • Save your changes and restart the MAMP servers.
  3. Link RapidWeaver to MAMP:

    • In RapidWeaver, go to your project settings and set the web server to point to the local MAMP server.
    • This ensures that when you preview your site, it uses the PHP version set in MAMP.

Option 2: Upgrading to RapidWeaver Classic

If you prefer a more integrated solution that includes PHP 8.2 directly within the application, upgrading to RapidWeaver Classic might be the best route. RapidWeaver Classic comes with built-in support for PHP 8.2, eliminating the need for external configurations.

Benefits of RapidWeaver Classic

  • Built-In PHP 8.2 Support: No need for additional server configurations or installations.
  • Seamless Workflow: Enhanced features and tools that streamline the development process.
  • Continuous Updates: Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest web standards and technologies.

How to Upgrade

  1. Purchase RapidWeaver Classic:

  2. Install and Set Up:

    • Download and install RapidWeaver Classic.
    • Open your existing RapidWeaver 8 projects in Classic and they will be automatically upgraded to support PHP 8.2.


Whether you choose to use MAMP to manage your local server environment or upgrade to RapidWeaver Classic for built-in PHP 8.2 support, both solutions will help you keep your site running smoothly and securely with the latest PHP version. Upgrading ensures that you can take advantage of the latest features and improvements, making your development process more efficient and future-proof.

For more detailed guidance, check out the official documentation for MAMP and RapidWeaver Classic.

Happy weaving!