Preview and Publishing failure

I had this problem recently and it cured itself, but this time it will not.

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘’>Learn More
<’ (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ‘)’ in /private/var/folders/zg/qk6px1596j582sgwcc2bggt40000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/681/document-0x7f867a78a240/RWDocumentPagePreview/registration/index.php on line 1396

I have a Foundation 6 page with a FormSnap 3 form which sends a joe workman email stacks confirmation and receipt email.

Everything is fine until I add the inlined output from Email stacks and then when I preview I get the above error, and if I publish I get a blank page with a 500 error.

I referred this to Mike at Yabdab and his responses is as follows:

“That error is quite common and is a RapidWeaver bug, not the fault of any plugin or stack. Normally restarting the Machine or RW fixes it, but there is nothing us third-party developers can do to fix this. It is basically the RW Preview server crapping out.”

Now in this case neither restarting RW several times or restarting my iMac several times has cured the problem.

I am running an iMac 21 on Catalina.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

Perhaps @dan or @tpbradley might have an idea?

If you publish and get a 500 (internal server error) then it’s not a ”RW Preview server crapping out” thing. The RW preview is out of the picture after publishing.

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘’ is a common PHP error often caused by mismatched quotes.

Since ”Everything is fine until I add the inlined output from Email stacks”, that would suggest that something about that stack is causing the error, @joeworkman?

Yes, I can confirm that this appears to be a php/stacks issue, not a RapidWeaver issue.

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Ok Apologies to everyone the, culprit was within the RW inbuilt privacy message.

I has added a link to the message and there was a stray ’ and that caused the whole problem.

Although why it was not a problem until the email content was added is beyond me.

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Since my Email stacks only output HTML, it should not be that. It could be that FormSnap does not work well with complex html output that the Email stacks provide.

I just saw that you solved it after I posted. Good job!

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