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(Aik Pin ) #1

I just started with rapidweaver last year. I love the partial features and have created quite a number of them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very organised. After creating more than 10 partials and 30-40 pages later, I realised things are getting a bit disorganised. And I haven’t been naming the partials properly and they all started with names like “Partial 1”, “Partial 351”, “Partial 537” etc.

Is there an easy to check for a particular partial, which are the pages that are using them? Instead of going through the pages one by one?

Thank you,
Aik Pin

(Joe Workman) #2

There isn’t a way right now to discern what pages a partial is used on. Maybe file a request to @isaiah for Stacks 4.

(Rob D) #3

You can always make things a bit easier for yourself by devising a meaningful way of naming partials (you can rename those partials that you already have).

But send a request to Isaiah anyway.

(Isaiah Carew) #4

Feature request noted and logged:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #5

Hi Isaiah,

Yes indeed this would be a very useful feature :slightly_smiling_face:


(Aik Pin ) #6

Thank you. Will do that.

(Aik Pin ) #7

Yes, silly of me for not doing that earlier. :sweat:

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