Partials display issue, help needed


Im having issues with Partials and FireFox. Trying to create a bottom banner for my website I have a ‘three column stack’ in each column there is text. When I ‘preview’ it looks perfect.

The issue I am having is that the columns wont line up vertically but instead the columns line up underneath each other when viewed in FireFox and Safari (Chrome seam to display correctly).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

A url would be most helpful

This is the page with the partial bottom banner that is not displaying correct.

This is how the bottom banner should look (with additional logos) this was done with PlusKit before pluskit stopped working.

The strangest thing is that this morning I checked the page and it was actually displaying correctly in a vertical way. I checked Safari, FireFox and Chrome all were now displaying correctly. I tried to re-upload with the logos but could not get the logos to align vertically (the links however were still displaying vertically) I tried a few ways of organizing the stacks but did not succeed. Then all of a sudden after one upload it reversed back to displaying wrong. And that was it I could not reverse it back again even by just going back to the thing that was working… just not working. Whats going on? Every time I uploaded I did so by just uploading the one page.

Anyone have any answers?

OK Problem solved!

I think I was doing something wrong.
I was not going into the actual partial page and publishing from there… I was just on the page where the parial was and then right-click on the ‘page’ and > Publish Page.
Im not sure if this is a known fact about partials have not used them before… but it looks like you need to be on the actual partial page while you try and upload the page. Hopefully when I upload the entire site it will all be fine… however I never seam to be able to upload in one go alway crashes (have quite allot of pages).

While you’re editing a partial the pages of your site remain unchanged. It’s only when you leave a partial that the partials content gets distributed to all the pages that use that partial.


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