Pluskit problem

I’ve started a new site, again using Simple Blue, and using banner on the left, over the menu, I want a banner across the top of each page. I made a stacks page with the image and the text, and had lots of trouble yesterday until I made a new page with the same thinks on it and all the pages used it.

Today I added a page to the site, copied the text box from a working page and pasted at the top of the new page. All that shows is the “?” box. That page is currently located at: Cruce entre marcas | Donaldson Bolivia (that is only temporary until my new domain is set up by the host, hopefully only a couple of days.)

Why? I can’t go through this with every page, as I will end up with 50+ pages before I finish.

Or is there another way to do this?

Sorry to hear you’re having issue, I’m sure we’ll be able to get the bottom of the issue.

However, we’re not sure we fully understand the issue right now. Could you post a screenshot of your project (in edit mode) to better help us grasp exactly what is going on. Better yet you could upload your project file?

Sending out a call to @Isaiah - as it looks like this involves Stacks + PlusKit. If anyone knows how to fix this, he’s your guy!

I’m attaching screen shots. And looking at it today is worse than yesterday, as today, the page that did not show yesterday is showing the plus kit insert, but none of the rest of the pages are. And I did not change anything.

Hmmm, that certainly looks like a PlusKit problem, unfortunately, we’re not too familiar with that plugin. We’ll see if we can get hold of @isaiah to help you out.

If things aren’t working how you expected, I’d suggest creating a test project, something super-simple and see if you can get the @import working, then once you’ve got it working you can move it to your main project.

Alternatively, I’d suggest using the partials feature in Stacks instead of @import, as that will allow you to include the same banner/image on all your pages.

Have you tried emailing YourHead directly? you might get a quicker response that way.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

Always happy to help when we can!


Is there a speficic reason why you’re using Pluskit’s @import function to display the logo?

You could put the logo in an image stack and then store that image stack as a partial to reuse on every site. If you save the logo as a PNG, or SVG if you’re the adventurous type, the file size would be negligible (it just having one colour and using basic shapes translates into a very small PNG file).

If going the SVG route, keep in mind you’d need a specialised stack for that. Stack4stacks’s GraphicStack (free) is excellent for this.


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Agree entirely.

Thanks. Since web site building is not my daily job, I had forgotten about partials.
I converted to partials and it works fine.

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Perfect, glad we could all help out!

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