Foundation + Top Bar + Safari - a problem?

Morning all, Having built a simple site for my business on Foundation previously, I decided to make a few changes and update it to the latest versions of Stacks, Foundation etc, However my Top Bar is doing strange things. On Safari, the menu often appears vertical instead of horizontal. A page refresh normally fixes it. It doesn’t appear to happen on IE or Firefox (though the formatting changes). Any ideas ?

Site is

What it should look like…

I take it you are using the legacy TopBar Global stacks? Remove them and make them Partials, they work much better and your issue will be gone.

Hi - unfortunately not. When I rebuilt the site I used all of the new stacks and did make them a partial. There are no legacy stacks anywhere on the site (I just went back and checked to make sure).


Just went to your site and it looks good here, what version of Safari are you using?

I’m using 8.08 (latest version) and I’m a bit perplexed as it more often than not clears when I refresh the page. But I’ve cleared cache etc and yet it still pops up incorrectly most of the time on first load.


I have clicked through the site over 100 times now and I got it to do this once. However, the second that I opened the dev inspector to troubleshoot, it fixed itself. If you want to shoot in a ticket to support and can try to play around more with this later one.

Thanks for the reply - I will raise a ticket.