Partials showing code

Just got to grips with global content (easy) after using PlusKit and immediately it’s superseded by partials. Hope I got that right.

I have made a partial which previews perfectly. But when included onto a web page it is just showing the source code (I guess?) in preview.

I have duplicated the page and that page shows OK, oddly.
What is causing the code to appear - I have deleted other stacks to see if that settles it, quit RW and such like? All pages are php, all have been Published…

This is in preview right? RapidWeaver is not good previewing PHP code, at least most PHP code.

Oh, not good. Guess that is why it shows it fine sometimes and not others - having just spent hours redoing everything, deleting stacks and adding them back! Joe’s to good for RW?!

Is that also why at the moment (though not this morning or yesterday) the text I entered in the admin page isn’t showing up, just the code “%header -format%” ?

Ah, no, that should work. DO you have a Text Content Stack on your page??

1st: Page ‘top-admin’, edit mode In Edit mode click to edit/expand it, here are the stacks.
2nd: Page ‘top-admin’, Preview.
3rd: Page ‘top’, edit
4th: Page ‘top’, Preview

The actual home page with this ‘top’ partial in it just looks like the 4th image but the Home page duplicated looks like the 5th image.

Please - I do not expect you to spend time on this - I include the images just to avoid a prolonged backwards and forwards. I know it is simple and, yes, I have watched the Partials video several times! The site has been published over and over so …

Having said all that I cannot see how to include images in this post. Crawls into corner.

Send a ticket into support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and we can help you that way, I am just too confused as to what you are asking…