View of each Partial created not possible


I’ve created a few partials to adapt to each page.
I’m using RW 7.3.3 and all stacks are up to date. I’m working on a local website, not internet published already.

After creating my partials, when I click on each of them in the list of thoses I created, the view of the partial is not possible in the right even if I’m in edit mode, I’m still seeing the global page of the stack created, not the partial I would like to work on.

Sorry if my question seem simple to answer but I checked the video of isaiah dealing partials, but it’s not the same on my computer ;(

Thanls a lot for your help and have a very nice day.


Hi @scplus,

You need to click on the partial item itself to make any changes, not the partial item in the list on the left.

So, if you have a “Navigation” partial, double click the navigation where you have used it in a page, then click on the item in the partial. In the image below, the partial is the Nav Bar. Whatever you change in there will be applied to the partial in every instance you use it.

Thanks a lot NeilUK,

Indeed, I followed your nice advice and all is perfect now, I just need to find before editing where I put my partial in all pages already created :wink:
Have a wonderful day