Pass Code by PageSafe

One of my clients is unable to enter my site when using his Android phone. PageSafe does not react at all. Actually it doesn’t even let him enter the passcode, No problems on his PC. Is this an Android problem ?
Do any of you have a solution to the problem.

Is it set to pin? Try setting it to password instead.

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Don’t quite understand what you mean. Set it to pin or password. Where do I do that? The password in question is a 4 digit number and not a password.


B V Valeur

It’s the first setting in the stack. Just switch from Digit Pin to Password. See attached.



Thanks for your replies. Meantime, on searching on Joe Workmans manual for PageSafe I found his comments on Android’s INTERNET app. I have informed my client accordingly and believe that the problem will disappear.

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