Pagesafe and Android not working for me

Are there any known issues with Pagesafe and Android?

I tried to log in to one of my own pages and also the demo page, no work.


The passcode has issues with some Android devices. If you change it to a password field, you won’t have issues.

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Good to know, cheers.

(I’m now off to change 832 pages :wink: )

@joeworkman Is there likely to be a “fix” for this? I’ve always used passcode. So far no problems … but it sounds like I easily could have run into problems. I’m creating a course website for next semester (Jan 15) so I’ll switch to password field if needed. But if there’s a fix/adjustment coming then I’ll continue to use the approach I’ve been using with a 4 digit passcode.

It’s an Android ‘thing’ unfortunately and not on all Android devices. Some accept the passcode and some only work with the password.

You don’t need to move away from your 4 digit passcode, just change the field in RW to Password and use the same 4 digit code. The only difference is that you have to press Enter after you enter the 4 digits, but now it will work on all devices :slight_smile:

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