Page Safe - Still the ideal solution?

I was thinking of purchasing Joe Workman’s PageSafe; Is this still the killer solution that it was when released ? I have searched and haven’t found anything better… but I’m open for suggestions. Hey @joeworkman ! Any discount rotating through on this one:)

Hi Kenny,

you may want to check ‘Locked’ Stack by Yuzool. I’m using it, works fine for me. It has less features than PageSafe by Joe Workman but it depends on what you need of course.



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PagesSafe still works great.

It does what it says it does, providing a passcode or password to protect ”page” content.

You can protect multiple pages with the same sign-on.

It won’t protect resources or allow signups, memberships or password resets. For that level, you should look at SiteLok.


Ditto. I have about three alternatives, some offering more complexity (some less!), but for a quick and simple “drag a stack to the page and give it a password” solution, it’s still my go-to.


Bought it, watched videos, placed it in a Foundrypage I was working on and it doesn’t show up. I know I am missing something simple… HELP !!!


Shows up for me:

I’ve used it on many Foundry sites with no problems ever. Maybe try emptying your browser cache or use a different browser?


Cache issue… Thanks for that:)

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