Payment gateway stack

I am selling links to private Vimeo areas.

So I need a payment gateway on my site that takes stripe and Paypal.

Then I will need it to send automatic emails containing the link and password.

I nolonger need sitelok … wonder if anyone has advice on which payment stack looks and works the best

Are you considering using the same password for everyone? Not a good idea.
Are you considering sending that password unencrypted in an email? Again, not a good idea.

How are you going to deal with people who loose their password? Manually?

Hi Scott

Well… yes. The thing is I was going to have the videos on the site. Protected by Sitelok.

My client no longer wants them on the site. She wants them to go to Vimeo.

I can create 3 different portfolios containing locked videos. But everyone will have the same secret link and password.

It is the most basic way of doing the whole set up.

I see what you mean about them forgetting the password … ummmmmmmmmm

I have now spent sooooo long on this !

I had set up a trial of Cartloom … but its seems overkill just to send an email with a link and a password.

I could always add a button on the site to the videos … But they would still need to remember the password.


Im thinking best to keep going with cartloom. Cartloom is great except that in this case its loading to the page so slow that im worried people will leave.

I also like cart 2 … but it does not solve the forgetting the password problem.

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If you’re using Sitelok they have payment gateway options. Not sure why you wouldn’t use one of them.

Since you have changed from downloading, why not use the Vimeo built in domain-level privacy. Just use and customize the Embed player that’s built into Vimeo.

Folks would only be able to play the videos from your domain. Put the players on pages controlled by SiteLok and let that product manage the whole password stuff.

I’m sure Adrian @vibralogix would help you out with options for payment and protection.

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Make sure whatever payment gateway you set up is PSD2 compliant -September is coming quickly if you’re receiving payments from EU incl. UK even after Brexit - good luck!

I know Sitelok has a PayPal plugin among others.

I think, as Doug said, using Vimeo’s domain level privacy and then securing the page is the best way as the videos themselves are secured by Vimeo and the page access is secured by Sitelok. Contact me via my support system if you need any help.

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