Selling Tutorial Videos online

My client has 3 training videos she would like to sell online (access to / no dvd etc)

So 3 different packages. She was going to sell via Vimeo, but has decided she does not want to go that route.

Whats the best way if I were to do it via RW?
Im thinking Cartloom ?


Download or just a secure view page?

im not sure. Maybe I should find answers to both.
She trains pro athletes and the 3 video pkgs are 30 to 70 $ for all for ever.

I need it to be slick and pro …

Just looking at E junkie

If it’s just access and not download, you can do it with sitelok


but hosted on vimeo

paid for by a yuzool stack?

AFAIK Vimeo also provides the infrastructure for paid videos.

Thanks all.

Ok so she wants to do similar to this company who upon purchase of the video the customer recieves a link to download M4V file.

She wants slick and simple to be the key and hates the look of vimeo on demand !

Cartloom or e-Junkie would work for digital downloads. They both offer free tryouts.

I’d think about how users would prefer to view the content. If they download it, it may be harder for them to view and they have to keep track of it, as well. If you have them view it in a section on your site, then they can login and view with any of their devices. Since they may keep coming back to the site to view the content, it’s easier to promote new videos to them later on.

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Thank you all.

I feel it best for her to have a membership access. If I go this way, is Vimeo the best way to access the videos to the site? I wish it wasnt so “branded” but its $$$ to look brandless (white page / hat???)
I remmeber researching this for another client and never really came up with an option that was affordable
Sitelok looks perfect for that.

If she insists on download … should I offer more versions than just M4V?


I would advise her against download, once someone downloads it they could give it to others.
You could always self host them, but be aware if your hosting has limited bandwidth, it will go quick.
There are tons of white label video hosting services, google white label video hosting.

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If you go the Self-hosting route, you probably would need to upgrade the hosting plan or the end user might not be happy with the performance. Videos suck up bandwidth and on most shared hosting services they may not play without interruptions.

Vimeo plus membership is only $7 a month and allows you to do a lot with customizing the player.

Yes. Thank you. I trhink you are right.

She has vimeo pro at the moment.

Combined with Nick Cates Velvet stack its … I think membership page is the best combo for the best price.

Excuse my ignorance … but if using iphone to view the workout videos … is that going to use crazy data everytime viewed on vimeo?

@Figory This may not help but I’ve purchased some video learning materials from a couple of folks over the past year. Both are, I think, relatively small. And they do things differently from each other. Both individuals are very approachable-so you could certainly send them an email asking how they set things up.

BTW Sitelok rocks! Truly wonderful.

Okay, first is David Sparks (McSparky). See:

The other is Curtis Judd. See:

David allows downloading. I don’t think Curtis does. But if you like what you see then contact them.

Thank you all.
I sent a long email explaining how membership site best. However she deffinately wants to go the route of
purchase onsite and then they recieve an email with download link.

So Im going to look at ejunkie and cartloom.
Any other suggestions?
Definately slick vibe is what she is going for.
Should I allow for more than one format video … so she is not inundated with peopel unable to open download?

Sitelok also has a plugin that allows an expiring link, check that out as well
Mv4 is pretty universal

Not sure how well “download” links will work on iOS. Haven’t tested via email, but on websites mv4’s launch the video player. If I remember it doesn’t actually “store” the video locally just plays it. Haven’t tried with a email link. Most online training services that offer downloads for offline viewing I’ve seen have there own App Store app with the player built in.

Otherwise how are clients going to save and play the videos from an iPhone or iPad?

Might want to do some testing before you offer a solution to the client.

I was just going to bring this point up. It is very important to consider. Once someone downloads something they can simply get a refund from their credit card company (bypassing her) and then she will be charged a ‘chargeback’ fee. It’s common that when a reseller gets too many chargebacks that their account will be closed. Not sure if this is still the case but I know that’s how they used to do it. She needs to check into this. Plus, as swilliam has noted, once someone downloads her files, they can simply give it away to others, or worse, start selling it online themselves. It is much safer for her to host the files(s) and then once a refund is given she can simply block the user from access.

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She is absolutely determined to sell the videos this way…
ption where they buy it straight from my website, they get email confirmation of the sale with a link to download the videos via google drive, with an expiration date (maybe 30 days?).

Is the email confirmation something I should create in mailchimp?

Not the way I would choose to go … and Im not sure of best way forward!

So I think Im going to go with Cartloom because I really like it.

However Im not even sure what she means by … they get email confirmation of the sale with a link to download the videos via google drive.

I have never bought a download that had anything to do with my Google Drive.
Cartloom offers the email with link to the download video … I have used Cartloom before but not for downloads.