Paysnap Text Option: How is it passed to site owner?

I may be misunderstanding what this stack in the Paysnap suite of stacks does, so bear with me.

There is a stack called "Paysnap- Option (Text). I think this is a way to allow the person placing the order to attached some text to their order. So in the instance of the project I’m working on at the moment for a florist, that would be a message they want added to the flowers they are ordering for delivery.

My question is: How does whatever is typed into the text option stack get passed to the site owner, as in the person who is fulfilling the order? Is it attached to the order and sent via payment confirmation? Or an email sent to the site owner, etc.

We are using Stripe for payment.

I’ve just setup a dummy page and tested it with a live Stripe account.

The test option stack mentioned above sure is a way for the site owner (or whoever is going to process the order) to receive messages pertaining to the order.

On the project I’m using Paysnap with it’s a local florist who is now taking online orders. We needed two text capture options: One for the message for the card accompanying the flowers and another for a message to the florist. So the Paysnap page looks like this (I need to tidy it up a bit yet)…

As anyone who has used Stripe for payment processing will know, once an order is placed and payment received you get an email from Stripe. These messages are not contained in this email, but once you click the link in the email to view the order in the Stripe dashboard all the data you gathered is there: Name, address (shipping and billing), plus the two messages.

Paysnap even passes the cart image of the item purchased plus, of course, the item name.

Once again I’m seriously impressed by Paysnap. Too often in the RW world and other communities, devs produce online store solutions without any real understanding of what a good ecommerce solution needs from the users and clients end of things. Mr. @yabdab however has nailed it. Great work.


Thanks. I was tracking this thread for my own knowledge. Thanks for posting the results.

Just thought I’d post back the final version of the Paysnap store I’ve put together for this client, as it’s turned out really well (in my opinion!).

This project is built using Foundry, and I’ve discovered that you can add a Foundry Accordion inside the Paysnap Item stack, and so long as the accordion is open when the customer clicks the “BUY” button, all the Paysnap fields inside the accordion are passed to the order.

This means you can get a nice clean main store page and put all the data gathering Paysnap stacks inside the accordion which only become visible once the customer commences an order.

You can see it in action here: That page isn’t live yet as it’s still awaiting some content.

Once I’ve finished completely fine-tuning the Paysnap store I’ll wrap it up into a self-contained project and make it available for free from the freebie page on Template repo.

I’ve added in a bit of custom css to change some small elements…

  1. Change the Paysnap Option labels from bold to normal
  2. Change the button fonts in the checkout popup from the theme header to something more suited to a button. This is only needed if the theme header font is fancy (as in the case of the project).

I’ll add this into the freebie project.


Thanks brother! :grin:

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