Phantom Page on Menu

Using Bootsnap theme.
RW 6
Stacks 3.
There are three pages listed on the top of the page. Two exist. The third does not, and is listed as “Untitled Page.”
Originally I was planning on having a third page, but I deleted this page from the Resources sidebar.
How do I delete this menu item?
“Header” under Meta Tags and Html Code in the Inspector=>Html is empty.
Thank you everyone for your kind assistance.
Edit: I switched to another responsive theme and the phantom menu item is still there. So this is not a Bootsnap issue.

The problem was that, though there were only two pages, the page marked as the home page did not have a title. It was listed as “untitled page.” Changing the name of this page to the name of the domain eliminated the phantom menu item.

Utterly, completely intuitive.