Photo Album unwanted file conversion

I just upgraded to RapidWeaver 6. In RW5, I was using RapidAlbum to share a gallery of TIFF files. Since Rapidalbum doesn’t work with RW6, I recreated the gallery with the RW6 photo album plugin. However, I have discovered that it wants to convert all of the TIFF files into JPGs, which defeats the purpose of the album in the first place.

Is there any way to get it to display the original files or, failing that, point me toward a plugin that will?



I don’t think tiff files are supported by any stacks… JPG, PNG, GIF or sometimes SVG are the preferred web formats for images


Photo Album always converts in jpg, regardless of the source format. And this is actually good for performance reasons. Tiff files are large.

If you want to share the tiff files also, I suggest adding links to them separately. Not as convenient, but works.

Or, if you like to buy a stack like this one, let me know, and I will set up a test project with tiff files in order to see if it works:

TIFF images are not considered “web safe”, meaning they may not load in some browsers. So, all plugins will make images web safe!


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@SaintFu – The only reason to have TIFFs on your web site is to share hi-res images through download links (for example: with customers who buy images from you). For displaying them, you want to use JPEGs – for reasons described above by others.

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Hi, this is just to say that as a newcomer to RW 7 I also have the problem with TIFF photographs. Originally I had a page on restoring scanned photographs with a few TIFF formatted photographs. So nothing to do with sharing or selling high-resolution images. Not sure what to do now.

Chrome and most other popular browsers don’t support TIFF images.

On my page the tiff images don’t show up except as blank spaces with the image file name. Oddly I’ve checked a few other pages and seen that smaller tiff images show perfectly well. Is this a problem of the tiff file size?
Concerning the browsers I use both Safari and Firefox and in both cases I can see tiff images.

do yourself a favor and use web standard jpg or png images (png if you need transparency) they work in all browsers are much much smaller and load faster.

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