Photo Album photos displaying in reduced and large size. Why?

I have about 100 photos in my photo album. I edited the original .tiff files in Lightroom and exported them to a folder on my HD as JPEG, rGB, 1000 pixels on the long edge and they are from 500-800k in size.

I used these photos to load the Photo Album in RW 7.5. My problem is that after publishing the website, looking at the photos, sometimes they are nearly full screen (yay!) but then other times or other photos in the group are about 1/4th the size on screen.

I’ve compared the file sizes and other specs and cannot find much of a difference. I can’t find the answer either as believe me I’ve searched.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a link to this album?


I’ve reduced the images from 700K to 200K or less to see if it was a loading problem. I have 50-60 images in the album.

Went through all of the pictures here, and looking good.

Although I don’t see partially rendered photos, as you described them, I can tell you what the reason might be, because I had the same problem with my gallery – before I figured it out.

This happens when you use the same large image for display and for thumbnail-generating. You should use separate small images (small dimensions and lower quality for small file-size) – just for your thumbnails.

After I started using small images as thumbnails (100 px by 100 px and 30-50 kB) and my display images 1024 px by 1024 px and 450-900 kB, I don’t experience this problem anymore.

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After letting it alone all day and just now coming back to my site, I don’t see the reduced images either on my computer display or on my iPad. However, I’m still seeing different size images on my iPhone SE (small screen) and not sure why.

Rovertek thanks for the info, I think I’ll go ahead and do what you suggested to see if that fixes the iPhone screen problem.

There must be a file naming requirement for thumbnails but I don’t know what it would be. Any help with this?

The default photo album just works with one image for both.

I am using Stacks-based gallery (not a built-in photo-album page) which allows for separate display and thumbnail images. I always discourage people from using standard built-in albums. Stacks are the way to go.

Anyway, thumbnails load first and all at once. If you use same big image for thumbnails and for display, when your bandwidth is limited, thumbnails fail to load properly. As a result, both thumbnails and display images look truncated (because they originate from the same file). Sometimes they finish loading if you reload the page, but not always. If you clear the cache, the situation repeats itself.

The theme I am using only allows content 850px wide, so using a stacks based gallery will not work for me. I am using the built-in photo album, which is working fine on the computer screen and iPad, but not on an iPhone. I have added photos to my album in RW at 1024 (long edge), just one set. RW generates the thumbnails.

My problem that I cannot solve is that on the iPhone, I can use landscape mode and for some images, it is beautifully filling the screen while other images are about 40% smaller. All images are the same size at 72dpi, 80% quality with a size range from 700-900px.

At this point, I’m stuck. Perhaps others could view the gallery on their phones and report back if they are having the same challenge.

That I don’t understand. With Gallery Stack, you are able to exactly display the photos in the width you export them.

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Gallery Stack and Lightroom work well together

I’m not sure where the topic took a right turn, but I am using the included photo album in RapidWeaver 7, not the Gallery Stack. And no matter what I have tried, I am still having a problem with iPhone display of the photos, showing various sizes from full screen to a small thumbnail. This DOES NOT occur on the computer or iPad screens.

I can confirm the incorrect behavior on an iPhone.
Just curious, does this happen when you change to iPhone preview mode within RW7?

I see different sizes on an iPhone SE. Also see size changes on iPad, starting at the fifth (5th) picture.
I’m not having any issue going to landscape or portrait mode on either iPad or iPhone.
Not near a Mac now but will check it out later today.

Just to mention that it is difficult to say why the inbuilt Photo Album changes the picture size. Which settings do you have there?


The topic did not turned around. Just to say that with a (most?) Stacks based solution, you have full control of the displayed images (and saved time for this discussion :wink: ), where you never now with the Standard Photo Album what the outcome is, how photos are generated in which way with which setting, etc.


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