Photo sizing Issues

My site works OK but the images are cropped and incomplete. I am still hoping for input on how to have things sized correctly. I have screen shots of the RW page and the final product. Can someone help me be able to adjust photos sizes so my pages look right to me without being cut off? Thanks in advance.

Riley Wilson

Try PhotoBulk its only U$10.00 nit sure but mac only

Why can’t this be done easily within Rapid Weaver? I returned to RW from Word Press because I wanted to be able to change things easily without hassles. I am unsure why a third party add-on is necessary. Thanks.

in a responsive design, images scale their height according to the width of the container they are in. This width can change depending on the device/browser window size. Some Stacks (Impact by Joe Workman for one) give you better control over this and have ratios you can use to crop your photos accordingly. The issue you are seeing is because that image is not wide enough to fill the container width while still showing the entire height and that’s why it gets “cut off.”
My guess is your image would need to be about 50% wider than it is currently cropped to.

An HiDPI laptop screen is 1440px wide x 900px tall, that would be a good ratio to start. 1.6:1

As @swilliam has alluded: your theme has an enormous impact on how images are handled. It seems you are not using a responsive theme.

To really help you we need to know:

  • what theme you are using
  • what stack you are using (if any) to insert/display the image

The banner is landscape. Your image is portrait. That’s one issue.

The image is also about 3x bigger in size and weight than it needs to be.

Neither RapidWeaver nor Wordpress can predict what images every user is going to throw at it.


Photobulk or any other purchase shouldn’t be needed to resize an image. The preview app that’s already on your mac works really well for cropping and resizing images.
Once you’ve got the overall size worked out then you can compress the images using a free site like:

Many of the purchased third party apps just make it easier to compress and resize images.

I have changed the photos to landscape and it looks much better. Thanks to each of you for your input!

Riley Wilson

This was done with Eternity…in Foundation…lots of adjustments.

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