Rustic Theme wrong crop on phone for the header (accent)

I’m using the Rustic theme and the photo in the header accent here does not look the same on my iPhone as it does on my computer. The picture moves down when viewed on my phone and does not retain the crop that I published from Rapid Weaver. Is there any way to fix this so it looks the same as it does on a computer? Otherwise, maybe where do I find the dims of the header so I just crop the image to size and then I don’t have to worry, which should fix it.

thanks in advance for any advice

If you open the theme drawer in Rapidweaver and then locate the Rustic theme (or the copy you’ve made) and right click, you can select ‘Show in Finder’.

When the window opens, open the Images folder and then the Banners folder.

Select one of the stock images and then hold down the Cmd key and press ‘i’ and you’ll see the dimensions.

This will tell you what the theme developer thinks is the best size for banner images and would be a good place to start.


Hey there @crybabystudios! The Rustic theme’s background accent area seems to be scaling as it should in your example URL. I suspect cropping your image a bit will yield better results for you. The size of the built-in background accents is 1400px x 450px. Also, don’t forget to optimize your image by compressing it some after you’ve scaled it. You can use Photoshop’s Save For Web feature and / or something like to optimize its file size. I usually do both myself.

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Wonderful! I will address this right now. Thank you both.


Welp. That image is already at 1400x450 and optimized. The error is only happening on this new contact form I created but the header is on every page…?


Been a while @crybabystudios – Can you send me a ZIP file containing a copy of your project file and the image file for me to take a look at?

ha, well this is embarrassing, I was responding to this old thread about my new issue…both of which I have figured out at this point. I guess I hadn’t been back to this forum for awhile and I jumped on this thread thinking this was an answer to the post I made yesterday about contact forms.

Thanks again for the attention Adam.


Ha! Too funny! Well, at least you knocked them both out and they’re solved now, right?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No problem. Have a great rest of the week!