PhotoAlbum makes photos darker

My images are processed by PS CC2015 and saved as jpgs. When added to PhotoAlbum in RW 6.3.3 they become darker - enough to make me want to make a lighter version just for RW (but that’s something I don’t want to have to go through).
Suggestions please.

Have you made sure that Photoshop saves your images in sRGB format? If not, you may want to assign the sRGB format before exporting.

1 - Which Color Settings do you have in Photoshop? I hope not “Monitor”.

2 - Which quality setting do you have in Photo Album? BEST keep the pictures untouched, the other settings (High, Medium and Low) unfortunately can change the colors, in a very obvious way if you work with a wide-gamut monitor.

3- Rovertek is right: save as sRGB with embedded profile.

Thanks Rovertek and Trystero for your suggestions. Both relevant.

Decided to use Flickr Gallery stack which works OK.