PhotoAlbum makes photos darker

(Paul Swan) #1

My images are processed by PS CC2015 and saved as jpgs. When added to PhotoAlbum in RW 6.3.3 they become darker - enough to make me want to make a lighter version just for RW (but that’s something I don’t want to have to go through).
Suggestions please.

(Rob D) #2

Have you made sure that Photoshop saves your images in sRGB format? If not, you may want to assign the sRGB format before exporting.

(Diego) #3

1 - Which Color Settings do you have in Photoshop? I hope not “Monitor”.

2 - Which quality setting do you have in Photo Album? BEST keep the pictures untouched, the other settings (High, Medium and Low) unfortunately can change the colors, in a very obvious way if you work with a wide-gamut monitor.

3- Rovertek is right: save as sRGB with embedded profile.

(Paul Swan) #4

Thanks Rovertek and Trystero for your suggestions. Both relevant.

Decided to use Flickr Gallery stack which works OK.