RW 6 PhotoAlbum and %resources%

Has anyone found a way to make RW 6’s built-in PhotoAlbum work with Resources, please?

There isn’t really a way to use Resources for the Photo Album. It’s basically drag and drop only.


I want to be able to update the site which uses PhotoAlbum from two different locations (on two different machines).

As things stand now, all the references/paths on the second machine are wrong and break because they were set up and are specific to the first.

Do not think this is possible, as @themacguru stated, it is drag and drop only.

No. Thanks. I’m looking for alternatives, I suppose. Have been considering WeaverPix.

As of RapidWeaver 6, the images for a Photo Album should be within your document, so the site should be fairly portable. Are you not seeing that?



For the first time (only finished conversion, 5 - 6) I’ve been able to look - and Yes, I don’t see empty images circles.

Does that mean that I can treat such pages as entirely portable between installations now, Nik?

Your help appreciated :slight_smile: .

You can. And if things don’t work for you, that is something we’d want to look at & fix. We no longer link to iPhoto albums as of RW 6.x.


Great! Thanks, Nik… this is great news - as it effectively removes the need for warehousing, doesn’t it :slight_smile: .

Hi @MarkSealey
This Stack allows you to use photos in the resources folder (or any other web/FTP folder) inside RW:
Cheers, Jannis

Thanks, Jannis!

It might be just what I want - but in the demo there appears to be only one layout.

Can it do multiple kinds of grids out of which the lightbox opens?

Thanks for the feedback.

Currently, there is only one grid / thumbnail layout available, from which you are able to start 7 different light boxes. In addition, there are 2 slideshows / sliders integrated.

I am currently investigating which grid / thumbnail layouts can be used in addition. I am planing to integrate them after Stacks 3 is released. So if you have a nice showcase of another grid you like, please let me know.

Thanks, Yes. I’m looking to reproduce the simplicity of what I have here.

Do we know how long before Stacks 3 is available?

That is also sort of possible:

As you have full control over the thumbnails (you can use a separate folder for thumbnails), you can have square thumbs, and other dimension in the normal pictures.

Thanks, Yes - one more for the list. Appreciated!

then what is the purpose of that resources pane? I assume it isn’t there just for decoration :wink:

Resources can be used in many things, but just not what this question was about.