"Photographer" Theme Launch & Discount!

Foundation project theme “Photographer” from Hipster Weaver is now released!

Nick Cates Design has also done an exclusive discount for his Photo stack. Details below.



So, what’s the story with Hipster Weaver? Their website won’t load. “Too many redirects,” it says. I was about to buy their Photographer project file but looks like they may no longer be around. Anyone know what’s going on?

Works for me. Try with a different browser?

I’m getting an error too. Hipster is still around though. I’m sure it’s just temporary.

(I have most Hipster projects, by the way, and they’re all excellent, including Photographer).

Jon is moving all his sites to a new server - it will be back up soon.

Aha! Thought that might be the reason for the “cock-up on the M5.” Tried successfully to open the site in Firefox and was able to view his overview video of the Photographer project file. As soon as I finished and tried another link. . . BOOM! It blew up on me.

So, I’ll give it a day and revisit. Thanks for the suggestion.

Fear not Hipster Weaver still lives!

As @tav mentioned I have been moving servers this week. Had a PHP error in the process which crashed the site.

All is back up and running now!


AKA The Hipster


That looks really nice. I’m putting that one on my shelf for later. (Note: the shelf is not real).