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Hi I am pondering buying photo pro from nick cates design. He is promoting a discount if you have bought the plain old photo stack from him previously, which i have. But when i head for the checkout, the discount is not being applied, instead the whole $99 is being asked. I have tried to contact directly through his email/on site but no joy no response so far. I was hoping this post could highlight the problem for others and hopefully speed up the response from nick

Best if you tag Nick like this - @nickcates


In the last week or so, I attempted to visit a couple of times and I couldn’t get through. His website just did not load in the browser, getting stuck in the middle of loading process. Not a good sign.

Loading fine here. In fact he seems to have a new - to me, anyway - venture: Falcon Design.

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He also dropped his Rapidweaver products.

hi thanks for getting in touch, nick did get back in touch with me i was shocked to find he is shutting up his rapidweaver shop !!! But as a good will gesture he gave me free photo pro

@nickcates is a first class guy all the way.

He’s awesome.

We could all take a lesson from him about integrity.

I will certainly miss him.

I bought Photo Pro in February. Only started using it a few days ago because well, *pandemic and have an issue with functionality that isn’t covered in @nickcates Knowledge Base articles. I was also surprised to learn he’s leaving RW add-ons behind, but I would have thought some basic support might be continued for a reasonable time for paid users. Not doubting he’s a great guy but a transition period would have been nice. Have emailed him and hope I might get a reply.

I guess I wouldn’t mind if I hadn’t paid $60 for it only 5 months ago - heck at that point it was the “pre-release” price! Buyer beware I suppose but I’ve bought a couple hundred $ worth of themes and stacks from him over the years so I didn’t give it a thought.

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I would be shocked if Nick didn’t support his now legacy products. You don’t even specify what your issue is, beyond looking for your money back (I am guessing). If you are having basic setup questions, ask him. Not to be harsh, and Nick would never say it, but I think the endless race to the bottom with money helped make his decision easier. Not to mention the difficulty with certain customers behavior.

We all have to eat, even developers. Trashing him with a “buyer beware” message is silly, as he is no longer selling his products. There are a number of ghost developers who still actively sell their wares, with zero support as they are effectively out of business. This looks like you created a throwaway account just to doggy pile on him. Read the manual. Bring your legit questions here, or at least try contacting him directly. His email works fine.

Nick Cates was one of the best and brightest developers RW had. RW is lesser for losing him. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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Oh no we can’t have the great nick cates criticized, heavens forbid! How dare a customer complain after spending money and the developer closes shop.

Interesting that the likely ID for “winglet” chimes in. At least be a man enough to use your own account (whoever created the throwaway). Your post illustrates why it may be easy for some developers to look for greener pastures elsewhere. If you have a legitimate problem, post it and maybe somebody can help you. Willing to bet that with the “pandemic” the OP was far too busy stocking up on toilet paper to read the manual.

Whoaa! Easy there. The rhetoric is running away here. I hardly “trashed” the man, and I’m sympathetic to both developers making a living, and companies ending support for legacy products. My reference to “buyer beware” applies in general to all transactions - it’s me shrugging and accepting responsibility, not deflecting it.

I was simply surprised at the abruptness of the closure of Nick Cates Design (as it pertains to RW stacks & themes), and still hope that I will be able to get some support. I wouldn’t be posting my situation here if developer support were as easy to obtain as you claim. His site states that support is limited now to the “Knowledge Base articles and general setup inquiries”. No contact info listed though. I happened to have an old email address from nickcatesddesign that I used. Failing that I guess I’ll try the one for Falcon Design.

That is why I created an account here - the next logical support resource for a RapidWeaver stack issue, no?

I will post the actual very minor issue as I have time in a separate thread.

Frankly the level of hostility and calling the legitimacy of a post into question because it’s from a new user is a bit odd. Well-spotted that “winglet” isn’t my real name - I assume “sassafras” is? Anyone wishing to learn my last name is free to PM me if that function exists. Heck, I’ll give you my phone number and we can chat in person if you want.


Oh, and nowhere did I remotely state I want my money back. For the record. I will say that giving your products away, even as a goodwill gesture, does tend to devalue them for those who paid for them. Since some seem very defensive about devs making a living.

No one plans to go out of business or to decide to take a different path lightly. We also are in unprecedented times (at least for the last 100 years). I am sure you have watched many other business close down left and right. Yes, I am defensive about devs making a living because over the years I have watched enough of them call it quits and move on. Nick always produced great products, and has always been responsive to technical questions (even if it was, “you can’t do that”). Thankfully there are folks like Adam at Elixir and Isaiah at YourHead among others that are still here in the trenches. Their work has enabled many of us to make a decent living, and I am thankful (and defensive) of them.

Post your issue, you will probably find someone who has faced the same issue. Nicks email still works fine, and he also has his new address clearly posted.

Yeah. Because I’m not aware these are unprecedented times. I’m an airline pilot who’s been laid off, and as my niche is international flying, there’s a good chance I may not work again for years - or ever. So forgive me if I don’t shed any tears for developers who repeatedly mass-mail me when they have something to sell but are silent when they drop their entire product line. As it happens I was trying to build a rudimentary website to sell my entire household furnishings as I am having to move out of country and thought photo galleries would be easy way to list them.

So instead of being quite so quick jumping to conclusions, here’s the issue. It’s minor, trivial, basic functionality.

I just made a quick test site configured exactly as my live one is. This one has three galleries, 5 photos each. When using the “Collection” function of Photo Pro, each gallery allows you to select a “Collect img” that becomes the thumbnail for that gallery. I made 400px cropped thumbs for each gallery from a full-size pic of each gallery. There is an option to “Hide this image from lightbox” which I have checked. But thumbs are displaying in the lightbox. So each gallery shows an image count of 6 images instead of 5 with the thumbnail added. Click on one of the galleries in my test site and you’ll see the extra square thumbnail image.

Thumbnail issue test site

The exhibited behaviour directly contradicts the Knowledge Base article here at 4:02.

That’s it. That’s all I was trying to solve.

I’m not sure how other users will be more helpful than the developer in solving this, but since you asked me to post it I made the time.


I was laid off a few days before 9/11. I understand that exact turmoil and peril. Thanks for making the post.

I see the number 6 images (with the 6th being the gallery thumbnail), however I don’t see an empty thumbnail square. That is on Safari…

Just a followup to my attempts to ask @nickcates about this issue with his Stack.

Sent a 2nd email to him at his new company email domain on August 5, 2020, about a week after trying to reach him at nickcatesdesign. No reply at all since then. So, I hope he is ok, and not unable to answer due to anything bad.

But whatever the reason for the lack of acknowledgement, it’s a disappointing outcome for a customer who spent a lot of $$ on his products.

Will tread more carefully in the future and try and reduce reliance on wysiwyg editors like RW, as impressive as it is.

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