Photos detached from photo album pages

I am using RW 7.5.7. Suddenly my photo album pages have detached from the image files and just show grayed icons with a clock face. The published website shows a series of vertically distorted thumbnails squeezed together and will not display normal images. There are two photo albums that I have uploaded in 2020 and they seem to be working. I downloaded a site zip and the images are there. any suggestion on how to restore the photo albums?

Is this on the published site or in preview or what? If it’s on the published page a URL would be helpful.

Both the published page and, edit and preview. in Edit the image file names and comments are visible but where the image thumbnail should be there’s a square with a clock graphic indicating its trying to find the image file. In the published there is either a blank space or the images are stacked in narrow distorted fashion. This is the directory for the main photo pages using the photo album template. There are three photo albums that I made in 2020 and they are working.

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