Missing images on photo album page

I just now republished a site with a new theme.
So far everything seems to be in order except this page which has missing images.
The page appears intact in RW7 edit and preview.
All the images also appear when logged in to the hosting server.

Before I delete the page and reconstruct it, I though someone might look at it and see if I am missing something.

Ok this is odd. I can see the images on my iPhone but not on a desktop.

There dont seem to be any apparent missing images for me. Maybe it’s just your browser cache?

Same here - no missing images. Try clearing your browser cache and reload the page as @jabostick has recommended.

Thanks for looking.
Turns out AdBlock, the browser extension, was blocking only that page.
Disabling it on the domain fixed the issue.
I don’t know why it picked that page as there are 45 other photo album pages.
Or why it would happen just now.
I have been maintaining this site for many years but today is the first time that I have ever included any kind of light box photo effect on the photo album pages.

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