Photo album: Photos and thumbnails in portrait mode are not uploaded


I have a gallery of photos on a website but it seems Rapidweaver don’t upload photos and thumbnails from original photos that are in portrait mode.
On the left Rapidweaver, on the right the online website:

If I have a look on what is on the ftp, I see RW “forget” to upload the .jpg files for these portrait photos (in red) is should be look like the green.

Is this a bug? Or a miss configuration? I use RW 8.6.2 on Mac OS 10.13.6.

Who can help me? In advance many thanks for your help!

Hello (again),
Nobody…? @dan ?

Posting website link may get you some help.

Thanks for the heads-up, we’re looking into it now and if it’s an issue with RW (and it appears to be), we’ll push out an update next week (fingers crossed).

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Hi Dan,

Nice to hear from you. As asked, here is the link to the photos gallery:

Perfect, thanks!

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