Photoshop/rw action

Ok not really a rapidweaver question but I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. I do photography and digital art. I want to be able to show my work as a stretched canvas and then as a framed canvas. I was thinking as I need to do the same action on dozens of images if there was a photoshop or rapidweaver automatic action that could do this.

Hi, Franklyn,

If you are talking about a gallery of your art, you do not need to show any difference between stretched canvas and frame canvas. Art is art, no matter how you package it for viewing in a gallery.

However, if you are talking about a commercial catalog for customers to see the differences in finish, then you need to prepare two different shots of canvas finishes. You would probably want to show them just a closeup of relevant fragments of your canvases. In any case, you should take separate shots before you place them in RW. I can’t imagine how you could automate this process.

Just a suggestion which I have not tried - Photoshop print templates?

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