What is "normalise images" in RW7

I am searching for any information on the “normalize images” selection from the file drop down menu in RW7. There seems no mention of it in the manual… I have searched in vain for the keywords normalise images (yes that is how it appears spelled in the menu)… Can anyone please help me?.. or point me to place(s) I can learn more?.. Ideally a video tutorial would be ideal for my learning style. Here is my RW7 attempt at updating a RW5Blocks website

My store page is “complaining” that the images I am using are too large and will cause trouble.
Thanks in advance from the coast of Maine USA & Happy first day of Spring!!
-Larry C

This should help you out @LarryC:


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Content is protected. Not visible.

The content does appear, at least for me, you just need to wait for the page/s to load. The part you need (“normalize images”) is visible.

LarryC… many people fail to resize their pics when placing them in RW. They will place very large picture and re-size it down a lot using the image “percent” tool. This is not good practice. The RW Normalise tool does this resizing for you in RW. I’m old school… I use a graphic utility to re-size my images to the size I want and then I use ImageOptim utility to “compress” the image. RealMac has a tool for that too, but I’ve never tried it. If you don’t re-size and compress images your page loads will slow down and you’ll loose visitors as they wait for pages to load… :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your answers and help! Greatly appreciated

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