PHP calls in anchors breaking preview

(Greg Schneck) #1

I do not expect RealMac support response to this email. I am posting here as community info and backup to support email which I will be sending today. Realmac… My detail will be provided in the email sent to support.

As info… for me, calls to PHP script in anchors is breaking Preview. I have some LinkLok URL anchors for file downloads which Preview fine and work fine in RW5 and RW6 but not RW7. A page with a “php” anchor does not display (Preview) an accurate representation of Theme settings. (In my case, no Banner, no sidebar, wrong colors.) If I remove the php call in the anchor, Preview works fine.

It is only Preview that breaks. The uploaded page looks and works fine.

I would post example code here but I can’t seem to find how to post code on the forums.

Thank you for reading…

-edit- appears to be Stacks3 related (see below)… I am first contacting YourHead support.

(Greg Schneck) #2

This appears to perhaps be STACKS related as when I put same code on a “Styled Text” page it Previews fine.
I will be contacting YourHead support.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

This is a known issue with RW7. Several of us have complained about the lack of ability to preview a page if any PHP code is used. RM have said they’ll look into this and hopefully bring back the ability to preview. The inability to preview PHP is not a bug per se, but apparently was a intended “feature” of RW7.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to preview pages in 7.1 that contain some PHP code (I use Sitelok).

(Greg Schneck) #4

I use PHP includes on most every page and they preview fine. Understand, I don’t expect the php to render. But in this case, the php in the anchor totally “breaks” preview seemingly.

Oddly… I put the link by itself on a Styled Text page and Preview rendered fine (without the php includes of course). I then made a new page with a single Stacks code element, placed the link in it, and again, Preview worked fine. (Again, not showing the php render, but I don’t expect it to.) I am just expecting the entire preview render not to be broken. But on my existing pages it breaks in Preview until I remove the php. So I’m still trying to figure it out…