7.1.2 breaks sitelok preview support (solved)

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RapidWeaver Version: 7.1.2 (18332)
System Version: 10.11.6
Hardware: 15-Inch MBP (2011), 2GHz Ingtel Core i7, 16GB RAM 1333 MHz DDR3.

sitelok support for preview was just fine before. 7.1.2 broke it (not sure if 7.1.1 did as well as I was not working on that project with this version. 7.1. was cool with sitelok, for sure
Just found out that it is not with all sitelok-enabled pages but only on those who are enabled.
Checked it in another 2 projects where those pages that have the snippet, can’t be reviewed. What surprises me is that even removing the php-snippet wold not show the page in preview. Odd…

Seems as if I found out what causes the issue.
I found out what causes the problem.
Even if I removed the snippet from Prefix, it would not preview. However, there is php-code in a Logout-button on those pages not previewing. If I remove that stack (hence the php-code in the button), it previews. Bottom line: The error of not previewing has been reintroduced likely with 7.1.1. but for sure with 7.1.2
The issue has been that there was a logout button on that page that contained PHP. After consulting with Adrian, he suggested replacing that php snipped with: " /slpw/sitelokpw.php?sitelokaction=logout " that did the trick. Thanks, Adrian!

Expected Result:
preview of pages with sitelok php-code

Additional Links:
in development only. Works when published (https://jschulze.com)