Php in iframe not working

I have my visit counter in a little php which I had running in an iframe in the sidebar. It has stopped showing up, but in preview and published.

Did something change?

is there a better way to display it?

Any suggestions as to how to get this to work?

Does it need to be in something other than an iframe?


A contact form (php page) works fine in a iframe page and in the sidebar too (included as code).

But why in a iframe? What happens when you put just the code in the sidebar?

That is the way I once set it up and it has worked ever since (several years). Although I did put it on a Global page that is called into the sidebar a year or so ago. It still worked until recently.

I just tried pasting the code from the php file into an HTML stack and preview shows this where the counter goes. In other words it shows the counter but does not get the data.

Which counter you have installed?

I’m using the Google analytics. The php file looks up the current number in Google and adds the historical value from the date I started using Google to give the actual total.

Sorry, no solution.
No idea, why it no longer works.

thanks for trying. Hopefully someone else will chime in