Don't load contents of iframe until triggered!


I have an iframe that has a basic text stack within it – with a simple fade in and fade out animation. Trouble is, the animation doesn’t run when the iframe is triggered into view, it runs on page load!

So by the time a user interacts with the button to show the iframe, the animation is long gone.

Help! This one is driving me nuts!

Why have you got a basic text stack within an frame?

That’s a fair question. I’m using @weavium GSheet, so that I can manage some of the content from Spreadsheets. It has been a massive challenge though, because it’s almost impossible to interact the insides of GSheet with the space around it. For example, pressing the “Add to Cart” button within the GSheet stack. I cannot find a way to generate a pop-up notification when one presses the add to cart button. A simple “Item Added” in the top left of the browser window would be ideal.

So the only way I’ve been able to have a trigger from within Gsheet interact outside of that stack, is by opening an iframe with some content.

I should say though, I’ve come up against this a few times… where I do not want any of the iframe content on my main site to render when the user loads the page. If there was a way to disable that for iframes, I would be so, so, very happy :slight_smile:

For example, this user - Vimeo is slowing down my page loading

And also, I see solutions beyond my pay grade (and outside of rapidweaver)

I would spend my life savings for a stack that could do this!!

(and my life savings amounts to a few hundred dollars :)))


OH! Here’s a section of a website that I’m currently working through:

Ok maybe GSheet is not the best option for what you are trying to do.

If it’s to manage a shopfront why not try something like Rapidcart Pro, which can handle products from a CSV list, or I’m not sure if you might be using Catloom, they have a storefront stack which might be useful.

Other than this one hang up, I think this will work well for me— it’s meant to be searchable/filterable, and I found that functionality to be as good if not better than some of the other similar stacks.

If anyone has an idea where I might be going wrong, I’m all ears! I’ve posed several questions to Weavium and unfortunately have not heard back in nearly a month (or maybe a few weeks!)


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