Platform: a new free-form framework 🥳

(J. Barth) #1

A few days ago I launched my latest product, the Platform framework.

Almost 60 main stacks and countless sub-stacks are included.

Currently, there is an introductory sale running, so have a look at the product page if you like.

There is also a web page available with lots of documentation and resources for Platform:

(Rob Beattie) #2

Not familiar with the framework that it’s based on but looks really interesting. I’m looking forward to checking out the videos over the weekend.


(Kai-Uwe Herbing) #3

Bought it 2 days ago during the launch promo. It looks promising at first sight. Maybe I find some time to play with it in the coming weeks. I am curious how it compares to Foundation and Foundry.


I bought this as well, following reading a bit about it on another forum. It looks very simple, which it is, but first impressions are also misleading, as there are tons of features just below the surface, just waiting to be discovered. Not Foundation, or Foundry, but something to consider if you are just starting out with Rapidweaver, or have only used individual themes before. The way it is set up means that the learning curve is shallow and it is possible to produce a decent site without fiddling too much with the settings. As a version 1.0.0 this is very promising.

(Iron Man) #5

I didn’t know much about this so had a look at the Bulma website and saw the tiles element that looks interesting - for creating cool grid layouts but I can’t see them in the Platform docs so I was wondering if there are any plans to add them?

From watching the video, I must say Platform looks really intuitive.

(J. Barth) #6

@Ironman: I developed a Tiles stack for Platform but decided not to publish it yet because its behaviour was confusing. I will include it as soon as it’s ready for prime-time :sunglasses:

(Iron Man) #7

Good to know. Another question: Is it possible to set the the mobile breakpoint at something smaller than 768 in the platform preferences stack?

(J. Barth) #8

@Ironman: Yes, you can do that. This is supported by the underlying Bulma framework.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #9

And here a demo with Poster Stack: