Platform: release 1.1.3 has been published today 😀

The latest improvements to Platform come thanks to the awesome input from the community. So quite a few I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed, which pushed the release number to 1.1.3.

The most important updates are:

  • Tiles! The Tile stack is now included (Tile | Platform)
  • Columns: re-structure and optimisation; Height feature now works as expected and can be ignored in Edit mode; Overflow handling can be chosen.
  • Dropdown: fixed an issue with right alignment; dedicated dropdown button was removed, you can now use the standard button or any other stack to open the Dropdown.
  • Platform Settings: horizontal scrolling in edit mode is now possible.
  • Pagination: adjusted several settings which were interfering with the layout.
  • Plenty of under-the-bonnet improvements.

Projects which use Columns stacks will require a review (sorry for that) because the workings underneath have been optimised and therefore changed.

The promised additions are not forgotten and will be added soon.

The 50% introductory discount for Platform is only available until June 10th, so hurry if you still want to benefit!


It hangs up on the update…but after you close RW and restart it…the update has been done.

This is a known issue with the Stacks updater.

If the download of the Platform update takes longer than 15 sec, the updater will skip to the next task while the Platform update is still active.

Thanks for the update…it does seem to work!!

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The update will be performed completely though, as Joe already mentioned :innocent:

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