🎥[Platform] New Video: What's Inside The Box

If you are interested in Platform, this video will give you some insight what functionality and stacks you get in the package.

Check out the video here, it has clickable time stamps in the description, if you want to save time:


Thanks for that Jay, several things that I wasn’t aware of and/or hadn’t come across yet. The more I play about with Platform, the happier I am that I bought it! I have a couple of other frameworks, which although clearly very accomplished, just didn’t seem to suit me for a variety of reasons. This seems to strike just the right balance for me of being useable out of the box, but definitely repays more in depth knowledge and experience.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks, @channonite!

There are still quite a few things in the pipeline.


Wow! You must have spent a lot of time on this. There are so many stacks.

I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to hear that. I think what you have already is really good…I can’t wait to see what else you add to this.

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:grinning: You bet, @peterdanckwerts !

It’s not only programming all that, it’s also about testing all these stacks in all kinds of combinations…


It is most impressive. I’ll buy it when I’m not broke (if that day ever comes).

There’s currently a discount of 50% available, if that helps :innocent:

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I noticed. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can justify even that very modest price at present. Perhaps I’ll get some money before the discount runs out!:grinning:

No problem, @peterdanckwerts, PM me when you’re ready, we will find an arrangement even after the sale runs out!


That is very kind of you.

This has been my experience of Jay!

I have spent several hours on one example project to learn Platform. It’s based on Bulma free form framework, which is very popular. Like everything, you need to spend time learning!

Someone claimed Platform was “limiting” but didn’t give any examples!

As far as I am concerned, Platform is certainly not “limited” !


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