Doobox image Plus stack not visible


Anyone else having trouble with @Doobox Image Plus stack?

Using the latest release version of RW and Stacks 4 (which I love!!) when I add a NEW Image Plus stack and preview it, it does not show up. Yet, when I copy an existing Image Plus stack to a new location, it previews as expected.


You are right…just played with it…not showing
This is a sample file with 2 Image Plus stacks. (area marked)
latest release version of RW and Stacks 4

Image plus is not Stacks 4 compatible.
The stack uses an api that allowed smaller versions of the image you drop in to be generated on the fly, for presentation on smaller screens (faster loading).
This api is no longer a part of Stacks 4.
You won’t see existing deployments break, as the images have already been generated when you created the stack in the page. But once running stacks 4 new instances of the stack can not generate those images anymore.

Thanks so much for your reply
@isaiah just wanted to CC you in on this one.

Thanks for letting us know. I am bummed, it was my goto stack!


I might bring new versions of the few stacks that I used this old api in for going forward, but I can’t just update them, else I would break everyone’s existing deployments.


Can you tell us any other Doobox stacks that don’t work with Stacks 4?

Montage 2.
Smart Image (retired years ago).

Thanks so much

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