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So the other day I bought Platform and enthusiastically started building my site; a gallery for my wife’s pictures. And bumped into a couple of issues.

The main one: The powerbar, the horizontal menu at the top of the page, should always be visible. So I made it sticky. And it works like it should, it stays at the top of the window when you scroll up.

However, the landing page has a slider with pictures below that powerbar, and a text area (3 columns) below that. When I scroll down, the menu stays in its place, but the pictures in the slider move over the menu, blocking it. How can I make the slider pictures move behind the menu, behind the powerbar, when scrolling down?

Another page has the same powerbar, and a gallery stack below that. When I scroll down there, the pictures in the gallery move under the menu, so that the menu stays visible, like it should.

Issue 2: In the gallery, when I click on a picture, it is enlarged in a lightbox, like it should. But that lightbox again blocks the menu. Is there a way to set up the lightbox in a way that it appears below the menu?

Oh, I should have added that these issues appear in the RapidWeaver preview. The site hasn’t been published yet (I’m just playing a bit and exploring RW and Platform), so I don’t know if they also happen in reality. Although I suspect that they do.

Hi Wim,
you can try and change the z-index of the Powerbar menu to a higher value like 99999
See screenshot attached.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the quick reply. It helps a lot; the first issue is solved. Now there’s just the Lightbox issue to tackle.

Hi Wim,

the Lightbox is kind of a modal window, i.e. it overlays the entire window, just as you describe it. If you wouldn’t mind sending me your project file (stripped down and zipped), I’ll have a look if it is possible to display the menu overlaying the Lightbox.

Please use the contact facility on the Platform web page ( or send me a PM on this forum.


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This is very typical of how all lightboxes work. It would be unusual to still have the menu over the top of the lightbox image, and it will detract from the images. You may want to consider using it as it is.

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