Screens problem

I’m using the latest versions Foundation, Screens and Rapidweaver. After an initial few time proper function in preview, the menubar (screens) dissapears, the title dissappears, and scrolling is impossible. I started all over, same problem… Anybody experiencing the same or knows what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve just completed a set-up with Foundation and Screens without any such problems and I’m afraid I can’t think what your problem might be. It’s quite easy to make the title and/or the Top Bar to disappear if you get the padding wrong – the worst thing about Foundation is the unwanted padding. However, it is hard to imagine what would prevent scrolling.

I’ve found that some stacks do NOT play nicely with Screens. For example, I purchased several stacks that allow for images to be displayed in piles - sort of like they are spread out on a table. Clicking on an image would then open it in a lightbox. Long story short - Screens gets all whacked out (as in adding a blank page, scrolling seems off, etc.). My suggestion is to make a copy of your project file and then begin deleting stacks one at a time until/unless you find a stack that isn’t playing nicely.

On the other hand, if all of your stacks are Joe’s or the Big White Duck’s - you’re probably okay. In that case, you might want to open a ticket with Joe, and let his support staff take a look.

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Thanks for the quick replies. I tried deleting one by one, but even with two screens and some text the problem persists. Starting form scratch solves it again for some time though. You’re probably right, that there is some mismatch…

I’d go the reverse route then. Start with a new project that is working…and copy and paste from your original project until the issue reappears.

Tried the reverse way, it seems that the gallery stack from instacks causes the malfunction. Thanks for the advice! As a last question: is there another theme that makes this “one-page” website that does accept the generally available stacks?

The only type of stack that I’ve found that crashes screens are photo stacks. Although not ideal for a specific site I built, I’m using Foundation’s built-in Reveal lightbox in conjunction with the Popup Caption stack. It’s getting the job done okay…

I’ll give it a try. Thanks so far