MyMenue display problem


Having some problems displaying the ‘Mobile/Responsive options’ of my menu when I have the 'In place (next to your content); selected as ‘Display Type’.

When I preview my page i see the little menu button but when I click on it nothing happens it doesn’t expand. It will however expand if I have any of the other ‘Display Types’ selected but no the ‘In place (next to your content)’ option… And I really need this option.

I have tried with a few different themes and the problem is the same.
Currently using the ‘Paramount’ theme.

Please help me?

Are there any other responsive Menu building stacks out there???


Here, all is ok with your setting. I cannot help!
With which RapidWeaver version do you work?

Oscar, Thank you for taking your time to reply to me.
For some reason I can not get it to work. I am currently using Version 6.3.

May I ask what theme you were using to recreate this?

Cos I thought it might be a stack or plugin interfering, but I have retried recreating this in different themes with no other plugins added and still no luck. :frowning:

It works with most blank themes (A Blank Theme, BlocksBox 5 and BlocksBox air).
But there are many themes with those it does not work, I have seen.
Please try once with Alpha. It should work.

I tried the Alpha theme and It still will not work, I dont know what is wrong. :frowning: Are you aware of any other Menu stacks?

With Alpha it should work. I think, there is a problem on your computer. Unfortunately, I don’t know another solution.

Perhaps, you must repair with the disk utility your hard drive and your permissions?