MyMenue display problem

(Don Dada) #1


Having some problems displaying the ‘Mobile/Responsive options’ of my menu when I have the 'In place (next to your content); selected as ‘Display Type’.

When I preview my page i see the little menu button but when I click on it nothing happens it doesn’t expand. It will however expand if I have any of the other ‘Display Types’ selected but no the ‘In place (next to your content)’ option… And I really need this option.

I have tried with a few different themes and the problem is the same.
Currently using the ‘Paramount’ theme.

Please help me?

(Don Dada) #2

Are there any other responsive Menu building stacks out there???

(Oscar Schmid) #3


Here, all is ok with your setting. I cannot help!
With which RapidWeaver version do you work?

(Don Dada) #4

Oscar, Thank you for taking your time to reply to me.
For some reason I can not get it to work. I am currently using Version 6.3.

May I ask what theme you were using to recreate this?

Cos I thought it might be a stack or plugin interfering, but I have retried recreating this in different themes with no other plugins added and still no luck. :frowning:

(Oscar Schmid) #5

It works with most blank themes (A Blank Theme, BlocksBox 5 and BlocksBox air).
But there are many themes with those it does not work, I have seen.
Please try once with Alpha. It should work.

(Don Dada) #6

I tried the Alpha theme and It still will not work, I dont know what is wrong. :frowning: Are you aware of any other Menu stacks?

(Oscar Schmid) #7

With Alpha it should work. I think, there is a problem on your computer. Unfortunately, I don’t know another solution.

(Oscar Schmid) #8

Perhaps, you must repair with the disk utility your hard drive and your permissions?